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Bucket Gallery.

Got to the garden yesterday after work

(Inside out hat makes for a veryfine bowl)

And I found that the stark white of a (relatively) clean 3-gallon bucket creates a lovely backdrop for just-harvested vegetables.

So begins (well, perhaps) a series:

Bucket Gallery


It’s sort of late in the season, and my garden is slowing down in terms of production & variety, so fingers crossed next season I’ll keep a garden again & continue on with the series.

Giving it a(nother) go.




i’m going to give it another go

despite not really knowing how it will go

especially since I won’t be giving it a go on.a computer

and I’m still in the very beginning beginning stages of this whole smartphone thing


so please forgive the super high quality photo of my sweaty forehead


Today, was thinking about how when children behave in a not so great way with their toys, they get taken away

what if the same was done to countries who had very big & powerful toys

like the ones that shot down the plane recently

my heart & thoughts are with the family, friends, co-workers of anyone on that flight headed to Malaysia


the peacekeepers need to be the ones leading the show, says me



Rabbits revealed (still no phone)


since it’s submerged in a bowl of rice drying out from this morning’s downpour, i didn’t have my phone today at work.

it was quite muggy and warm, so i offered the Rabbits the cucumber ends.

(me with the usual zucchini)

they are such good sports.

(their smartphone captured the image)

even gave their okay to be uploaded.

i do love these folks.

at the Rabbits


i have a number of jobs.

twice a week, i work for a very kind couple.

they are executives.

they eat a lot of vegetables, and i help support their vegetable habit.

i call them the Rabbits.

some vegetables are more sticky than others…

zucchini is always a sure bet.

cucumber & daikon are the most cooling.

okra seems to have the most staying power, but they haven’t gotten any in their CSA yet.