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Winter, seedlings, ancient dogs, cats, & critter poop.

O Winter…

I’m so glad you were here.

In your gentleness, in your intensity, I’m glad you were here.

Your quiet beauty touches me so

And with the weather being what it’s been, I see you disappearing.

People are looking forward to Spring.

I will look forward to your return after the warm seasons.

This past Sunday, the warming weather & light brings on the seedlings

Well, that and the propane heater…

Many, many babies!

even some of the onions have begun to peek out of the soil.

Each week, more seeding is done.

About 40 trays this past Sunday

Including 8 trays of Spinach

The Spinach seeds remind me of Lupine seeds.

Which I first saw while living in the Mojave Desert.

I’d sit outside with Oni, my cat, sitting on my lap – he’d nap, & I’d collect prickly seeds (in a futile attempt to eradicate them from the yard) while the Lupines, at a certain time of the year, would quietly pop their pods, scattering their speckled seeds.

A little more grey, more flat, & speckled… Would be closer to Lupine. These seeds are Spinach.

Lots and lots of Spinach to come.

This dog is ancient.

His name is Bentley.

Who is nearly 100 or more in dog years. He loves his walks, especially in Winter, and dog biscuits.

We usually walk side by side in a fast clip, but since I had my phone/camera that day, I was lagging behind

And when I stopped to snap a photo, he stopped & looked back, as if to say: what the hell are you doing it’s walk time

Very serious, joyful business: walks.

He rolls & lays in the snow

Which always makes me laugh out loud in sympathetic joy

he sticks close as I peel off my coat & scarf… Then he gets a couple small biscuits 

This is the face after cookies, but showing his “cute ears face” because I’m a sucker, & he’s ancient, and to sort of quote Marcel the Shell, “it’s all about snoozin’ & treats” & he knows I’ll give him one more.

Champion napper.

Today I got to see Sophie & Izzy

(Photos by Jenny from the previous week)

Sophie is beautiful, no matter how ridiculous…

& Izzy wary & awakened by Sophie who may want to usurp the kitty bed…

It felt so good to be outside today

Walking a path back & forth, back & forth

Stacking wood

One of my favorite activities

Home was found

With two entry/exit ways burrowed into the snow bank

And poop

Keeping the inside tidy…

It was towards the middle top of this image…

I wrecked somebody’s bathroom.

The forsythia buds are swelling.

Farewell Winter. Thank you, I love you, please come back in October or November for another long visit…?

Wood stove season with the Sophie & Izzy.

the wood stove season has begun!

now all i want to do is watch comedy on Netflix & mend clothes

(seriously, every pair of jeans has been patched at least once…)

this will be my third Winter living here with the woodstove

i love it.


the cats love it too.

that’s Izzy, totally zonked.

lucky me i get to be with them passed out in the evenings.


this is Sophie, and i have disturbed her existence…

i get to stack wood & keep the fire going & make sure there’s a stockpile of newspaper & kindling.

i love every part of heating with a wood stove.

(i feel like that doofus cartoon character who is all crazy about going to the city to meet girls.  except in my case i’m all crazy about the wood stove.)

for three years before living here, i lived in a very sweet, and very cold studio apartment in a barn.

had a beautiful view, was nearby very nice people, but HOLY CRAP it was cold.

there was propane fuel, so not only was it cold, it was expensive to “heat”.

now the wood stove is going…

it’s lovely.

“hell in a box” is its nickname.

i live in a basement apartment in a house with my housemates/landlords.

i share the kitchen.

i like living in the basement.

for the first time in my life (well, since being a teenager…) that i can sleep past 6am.

(it’s a minor miracle when i sleep til 8.)

i used to wake up at 5 and not be able to get back to sleep.

now it’s no problem.

it happens every day – when Izzy, one of the cats, wakes me up between 4:30 & 5am to make sure they have kibble for the day…

(i consider this a part of my cat nanny responsibilities.  and anyways it’s a good time to stoke the fire…)

and i’m able to go back to sleep.

fortunately, work begins at 10am, so, there’s time to sleep a bit more, and plenty of time to get ready in the morning.


i used to rush rush rush

now i don’t like to rush

when i rush i always forget something

so i try to take my time


notice what i’m doing.

i may not make the big bucks, but i do enjoy my mornings.

as i write this

i can feel a sort of guilty slime descending in my mind…

like it’s not okay to have a life like this.

i think there’s something in me that thinks it’s not okay to take time.

fortunately, i have friends who have seen me bust my ass working really hard, and they remind me that it’s okay to live like this.

i shake my head at myself

“jeez Marn, you are 42 years old and you still need the validation from your friends about your life?!?!?”


i do.

i’m still working on stuff.

still releasing old old habit patterns of thoughts and behaviors and beliefs.

baffling how deep the grooves run.

and how effort-full (and worth it) to actively practice doing something differently…