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A few photos from Nook & Cranny, & kitties.

i’ve begun to split seeding time into two days


Littles getting big!

It’s nice to have two days to get the seeding work done

There’s a lot to do & on Sunday’s I can now help with transplanting the babies into the ground

Which happened yesterday into the third hoop house 

Alas, it was a go-go-go day, with two of us seeding, so I didn’t take any photos.

I will remedy this on future Sundays.


Lettuces, Kale, Raab, & Mustard were transplanted.

Radish & more lettuce was direct seeded.

In the fourth hoop-house, which I call the Cathedral, are the young pigs & laying hens.


I only snapped one photo

Because they kept hopping up & out & I was trying to herd them back inside…

It’s Spring & they are ready to be out & about.

Thankfully they hop back up & into the Cathedral.

It’s an enormous space, with a beautiful shaped roof pitch

I’ll get a photo next time I’m at the farm.

So, instead of more farmish photos, here are a few recent sharings of Sophie & Izzy

(Thanks Jenny!)



There’s still quite a bit of snow out of town, only mounds here & there in town

But Spring shows its signs & makes its presence known


Winter Aconite

Sweet & cheery

Blessings on the day