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Weather, some walks, Kitties, & Sunday seeding.

Waking each day in one mood or another  

I try to begin each day with a thanks-for-this-day feeling in my heart

Then step into the day.

Today began uneventfully.



Upon putting away a photo of my elder…

(which I had set out for her yortzeit last week, but yesterday & today kept getting the strong push to put it back where it usually sits)

…i found a letter from the person I was beginning to love this time last year.

There was a photo of the two of us, a note from his last visit, & just seeing the handwriting triggered a squinchy feeling in my chest.


And just like that 

The weather changed

Right before my morning sit.


I didn’t know what to do with the letter, so I set it down & covered it with an image of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

I didn’t want to sit with that weather, with those feelings. I didn’t want to feel what had arisen


Lately, I keep hearing Jack Nicholson’s voice from the movie A Few Good Men barking “you can’t handle the truth”

Which feels like a meanness, but I’m trying to just notice that critical voice (which may well be true)


I was glad to get to work, to focus on other things, like chopping vegetables & listening to podcasts on my headphones.


This is from a walk the other day to the lower end of the lake.


And this is from a walk today after work

On the Western side & towards the upper end of the lake


It’s good for me to remember that weather changes.

Just as the feelings came & went by the end of this morning’s sit  

Grief continues to visit & can feel very intense at times, still.

I don’t yet understand why – I’m just trying to make room for its passing through.


I haven’t wanted to write much about it

I think I’ve been ashamed of it, wanting to hide its lingering presence.


Thank goodness for kitties.

Here’s Sophie  

(All photos of Sophie & Izzy are from Jenny)


Here’s Izzy  


I love to receive these photos

They do brighten my day

As does visiting the babies


They are getting so big


This past Sunday the greens & brassicas went into the hoop houses 


(Please note the rolled up balls of remay towards the back of the photo…)

But first they waited in the barn as the hoop house soil was readied further 


In order for me to do more seeding, the alliums had to wait outside for a spell until all the many trays of greens had a suitable place to sit in the hoop houses


This photo makes me smile

The dances done, working things out, imperfectly, but workable.


(It’s in the 20’s outside, and warmed to the 30s that day, but relatively warm in the hoop house)

This is the first hoop house in process

And this is what happens when I walk into the greenhouse



(It becomes even warmer when the sun shines…)



Joining me in the greenhouse was a small flock of Barred Rock chicks!


Peeping & chirping & napping


I really enjoyed their company



The usual Sunday spring seeding… Beets, Raab, Spinach, Lettuce, Cabbage, Scallions, Chard, Kale, Broccoli, Mustard, Brussel’s Sprouts.


27 trays in all

Then I went to see the hoop house action


The view from the first hoop house towards the long hoop house


Steam rises from the cold water on the  warmed soil inside


Here’s that wall of remay balls…


And the barn-dwelling kitties


Hello, Sebastian.


Hello, Other.


Hello, Nook & Cranny Farm.

On my walk today after work, despite not being able to hike the trail due to icy conditions…


There are signs of Spring


Swollen fuzzy buds


I feel a sadness when a great old tree is cut down


Over 140 years old…


There’s snow on the ground, but basically it was one huge ice sheet underneath


Wishing you patience & kindness with all of your weathers

Blessings on the day.


5 Element breakup rant & in praise of Winter.

I love Winter

The feel of it
The smell of it
The look of it
The sound of it

Even if I’ve been sick nearly a month
I love Winter.

Walking outside this morning on my way to work
Greeted by sunshine & the fresh smell in the air

(Nothing cuts through a mucus stuffed nasal passage like 18 degree air)

My spirits lifted instantly upon smelling that snow-coming-soon air

Our Greater Lungs are exposed in Wintertime

The Tree People

Without them we’d be so sad
We owe them our deep respect & protection

This is our vascular system!

Reflecting the past couple days on the breakup which occurred back in October
I keep visualizing cutting the invisible cords that run all the way to Minnesota.
I usually try to pull back the cords
But not this time.
It’s big scissor time

Scissors, machete, shears, whatever works.

Let the cords fall where they may
Compost & seeds & all
Let wildflowers & bee food grow there

We are in Winter
The Water time – the Mystery time

There was a detour
I was headed in a direction, heart full on, totally willing, and the Universe has other plans.

We’re on a Detour, honey.

Let’s remember the 8 Worldly Dharmas, please.

Let the minerals from Autumn grief feed the Waters of Winter

I have no idea where my life is headed.
That’s right
I have no idea at this point.

I think I used to be embarrassed to admit this
But not anymore
This is the truth of where I’m at today

Winter Mysteryville.

Blessings on the silent creatures
The Trees, the Bees
The ones we depend on for so much

May we one day soon give them the love & care & protection they deserve

Blessings on all beings

True riches.

Nikki McClure is an artist
I respect & appreciate her work
I don’t remember the image she created that went along with the phrase which sticks in my head:

“Know your true riches”

I’ve been rolling around this phrase in my head recently, actively looking around at my life
Recognizing these true riches

Eyes that can see the gorgeous Autumn light

Or feeling the breeze on my skin, hearing the leaves rustling while on a hike

Sometimes, the camera isn’t available to capture certain events, or would be disturbing

Like on the recent Land Trust walk…
At a certain point on the hike, we paused, settling down to talk when a large doe came up
We had both sat down near a well-travelled deer path
She wasn’t spooked, she didn’t bolt
She was SO beautiful
And she stood there for a bit, even coming closer before heading up the hill a ways to walk around us.

It wasn’t the time for the camera
It was time for Being With.

And later, towards the end of the walk, a handsome Leopard frog was seen.
Again, just Being With.

Know your true riches.


Or hanging out with an Ancient, like Genuine kitty.

Or with a friend who is a skilled pie maker-baker

Or hearing the sound of a waterfall
(I wish I knew how to upload videos… Dang)

I may not be able to get a car loan with these riches…
But it’s good to recognize
How connected I am with others
Even if I don’t feel rooted

It’s good practice for me to actively cultivate knowing my true riches.