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Web of sadness, Anchor’s away, & the unfolding of things.

i try to respect the privacy of people.

Even my own – but it’s a strange line, especially when there’s this mix of shyness coupled with a curious desire to simple say what’s so

Check out the awesome socks!

Hand knit by my Elder’s eldest daughter.  
My Elder, my Anchor is away

He’s been away at times – and his body is wrestling with brain cancer.

A brilliant man, an honored Physicist.

He gave me his blessings to write about it on the blog

But I haven’t, really.

I feel sensitive to how it will land, what I’ll likely forget to say, or what I’ll write & how that will land

Here’s his ancient puppy, Bentley

I love them both

My elder & his dog

And this family has been my anchor for the past 6 years of my seemingly-ever-shifting life

He’s still Here, but I miss him when he’s away.

My mind knows

The nature of coming & going

Not unlike the inhale & exhale

But this knowing doesn’t keep the heart from feeling a deep sadness

Connecting to a larger web of sadness as thoughts of Nepal, and boats filled with migrant people comes to (heart)mind…

Connecting that to my own family line who left their countries in an attempt & hope of escaping prejudice & violence not all that long ago.

The hummingbirds have returned

Two (well, four, really) Dear Friend’s will soon give birth to life anew

And life continues to unfold.


Heading out


Coming in

I know I need to find my own anchor within

It’s a challenge for me.

Guess it’s time for more walks in the woods.


late night ramble on farmish things, emotions-n-stuff, grumps about humans, & the joy of cats.

This past Sunday was the first harvest day at Nook & Cranny

Greens, greens, greens 

Spinach, lettuce mix, broccoli raab, arugula, & mustard greens

All from the three smaller hoop houses

(And eggs from the many hens)

While harvest went throughout the morning into the early afternoon, I seeded & transplanted in the greenhouse


Basil coming up nicely… 


It was a bit overcast & chilly outside, but cozy inside the greenhouse

Soon it will be too warm for me in there & so I’ll do the seeding outside

This was from the past Friday when it snowed a bit

The farm slowly is unfolding it’s shape as each new bed is tilled & planted

(I didn’t take many photos again, because there were 25 trays to seed, others to move, & 100 eggplant plants to be transplanted)

Say that three times fast:

…Eggplant plants to be transplanted…


(Thankfully this photo was NOT taken at the farm)

Sweet earthy groundhog looking for its breakfast this morning

I went across the road to where my garlic was planted to see if it was coming up… And it is!



Here’s the lovely nearby pond

(From the evening before)

Showing water’s amazing reflective capacity

I’ve been marveling at water lately.

It can be a mirror at times, clear at times, and obscuring at times.

And sometimes all at the same time! …depending on ones position relative to the body of water

(A vernal pond from last month after a freeze)

I was recently on a walk & passed a parent & child walking in the opposite direction

We were all passing a (thawed) vernal pond at the same time

I overheard the child say “ewwww that water is gross” & then the parent agreed with that sentiment…

I felt saddened by what had just transpired… In my view, it was a missed opportunity to open a narrow opinion

Vernal ponds are teeming with life… Frogs & peepers & insects…


But I guess I get sad easily.

I feel sad when great trees are cut down, even if they could pose a threat 

Critter activity!

I don’t know what was going on today in the world, but it seemed that many people were driving aggressively.

Ultimate example:

I was driving past an elementary school (where the limit drops from 45 to 35 during school hours) and a sporty sports car passed me, crossing a double yellow line.

OMG people…?!?!

What is all the hurry about?

Could we all try to slow down a little bit…?!?

Thank goodness for Izzy.

(Thank you Jenny, for the photo)

Nighty night all.

5 Element breakup rant & in praise of Winter.

I love Winter

The feel of it
The smell of it
The look of it
The sound of it

Even if I’ve been sick nearly a month
I love Winter.

Walking outside this morning on my way to work
Greeted by sunshine & the fresh smell in the air

(Nothing cuts through a mucus stuffed nasal passage like 18 degree air)

My spirits lifted instantly upon smelling that snow-coming-soon air

Our Greater Lungs are exposed in Wintertime

The Tree People

Without them we’d be so sad
We owe them our deep respect & protection

This is our vascular system!

Reflecting the past couple days on the breakup which occurred back in October
I keep visualizing cutting the invisible cords that run all the way to Minnesota.
I usually try to pull back the cords
But not this time.
It’s big scissor time

Scissors, machete, shears, whatever works.

Let the cords fall where they may
Compost & seeds & all
Let wildflowers & bee food grow there

We are in Winter
The Water time – the Mystery time

There was a detour
I was headed in a direction, heart full on, totally willing, and the Universe has other plans.

We’re on a Detour, honey.

Let’s remember the 8 Worldly Dharmas, please.

Let the minerals from Autumn grief feed the Waters of Winter

I have no idea where my life is headed.
That’s right
I have no idea at this point.

I think I used to be embarrassed to admit this
But not anymore
This is the truth of where I’m at today

Winter Mysteryville.

Blessings on the silent creatures
The Trees, the Bees
The ones we depend on for so much

May we one day soon give them the love & care & protection they deserve

Blessings on all beings

Shared mind, connecting mind.

I often feel “stopped” from within
Because of a belief that I don’t know enough

But what if it’s okay that I know what I know, and that more will be revealed in time, and that
Perhaps most importantly
It’s not for me to know or understand everything

I woke up this morning with the beginning lyrics from the song “This Land is Your Land” by Woody Guthrie

And thinking about the mind, and minds, and
Well, this land.

What if…

In the places where there is an abundant boatload of sunshine
(Hello, Southwest)
Solar was the means to harness energy…

In the places where there are many winds
(Hello, Midwest, hello, Southwest)


In the places where there are often boatloads of snow & rain
(Hello, Northeast, Midwest, Northwest)

That these continual, changing weathers and resources could be shared among all

And doing so in a way that would least harm or disrupt critters & wild places

Solar in the sunny places (on already existing rooftops so as not to disrupt wild places)

Wind turbines in the windy places (low enough so as not to disrupt the air beings)

Drains & Cisterns & pipe lines for places with abundant rains, snow, floods (pipe water instead of gas!! & maybe the heavily used rivers & aquifers will replenish themselves)

O I can hear the naysayers in my mind
O they are vicious and cruel
“What do you know?”
“You have no @$&;ing idea how to do that”

But here’s the deal
Someone, as I write this
In a plane above my head
there is light where I am even though it’s dark outside

So I may not know how
I don’t have the mind of an engineer
I wish I did

But I don’t

And that’s okay
I believe in shared mind, or connecting minds
I have a mind that sees connections & knows it’s possible to do something

For real, like, it can actually happen.

Even if I don’t know the engineering part.

There are brilliant minds all over the planet
Ones that actually see the connections, see what can be done, know how to do it.

And maybe “what ifs…” are not enough
But maybe it is?
A start or a spark?

If this little pea brain can catch the idea, then some brilliant minds can see the way how

If people fly all the time, then it’s possible to share the renewable resources that are all around us

To stop producing things which don’t break down (um, plastic, styrofoam, etc.)

Work (or if you prefer the word “jobs”) to create it, work to sustain & maintain it, and all the while in causing as little harm as possible to the land & critters who we share this place with

Work with the young
Work with the old

And a quote from William Douglas Horden

“We benefit from what our environment produces; our environment must benefit from what we produce”


Hiking, mushrooms, & practice.

I drove up to Moravia, NY to Fillmore Glen State Park.


It was a beautiful day
And the first time visiting there, so I didn’t know which one of the three trails to follow so I chose the North Rim Trail

(The above image is from a “wrong turn” taking me onto the South Rim trail. I seem to get lost easily…)

Simply because it was the longest
And by the sounds of things, the gorge trail seemed loud with voices

So up I went
Taking my shoes off during softer, duffy stretches, and putting them back on when the rocks were too much for the soles of these feet

I was delighted to find mushrooms along the way

Though this turned out NOT to be a mushroom after all – but Monotropa uniflora

Or Indian Pipe.
Or Corpse plant – as it can grow without photosynthesis.

(For the record, from here on out I have a question mark as to which species of mushrooms I happened upon- my mushroom identification skills are uber-beginner, and my field guide book is limited)

With that, here are the guesses:

These cuties are (question mark) Lycoperdon pyriforme
Or Pear-shaped Puffball

Then further along and up the trail

This short, squat beauty remains a mystery.
And I wonder if it’s The King Bolete
Or Boletus editors
But I really have no idea.

Here is one of many Gray Corals or Clavulina cineraria
They are quite lovely and fancy.

I was thrilled to find this little (???) Two-Color Bolete or Boletus bicolor

Then another mystery mushroom

Shiny, pale greyish white cap with medium grey veining…
No idea

It was around this time during the hike that I came to notice that I had gotten into this sort of “greedy mind” state
Like hunting for mushrooms
And the field of awareness had gotten narrow and small
I could feel my mind tighter
And so I tried to expand my awareness again, as It had been before coming upon the mushrooms
So from then on it became a practice of noticing when I’d get tight, and bringing a wider field of awareness through the sense-gates.
It’s tricky – the mind seeks to name to notice the types of trees and where they shift from one sort to another- which is a fun game, but another kind of tightening…

I felt that I was exercising a different sort of inhaling and exhaling
A different sort of binary muscle which opened and closed.

Practice practice practice.

I think this is Xerompalina Campanella or Golden Trumpets, but maybe it’s Golden Mycena or Mycena leaiana

Did I mention that there are many many many photos of mushrooms on the internet and trying to ID them while sleepy is eyeball twirling?

This sturdy beauty was tucked in the center of a rotting stump.
Drum roll guess is Lactarius deceptivus or Cottony-margined Milky Cap
But again
I don’t know.

And yet another mystery.
There are lots if little brown mushroom images on the internet
(One of which turns out to be fatally poisonous *eep*)
The wild guess for these critters is Laccaria bicolor
Or The Omnipresent Laccaria


(Any mushroom people out there wanna weigh in??)

Then finally, Clavulinopsis fusiformis or Spindle Coral


At which point I decided to put the phone away & simply walk.

There’s a dam at the end of the North Rim trail where geese flock and there’s a low wall to sit upon.
It’s quite serene and lovely.

Walking back I took the Gorge Trail which has a series of bridges to cross.
Grippy shoes are recommended as most of the trail is damp and slippery.


It’s a lovely place

And there’s even a place to swim and camp and a pavilion (which hosted a family reunion yesterday…)
I hope to return again
To walk the South Rim trail


Driving home I got lost, which happens often, but fortunately, it turned out to be a beautiful way home


Hooray & gratitude for paper maps!

what if…


what if

all the money

that went into creating & developing weapons

were instead

put towards education…

creating a massive Green Conservation Corps – something along the lines of Will Allen’s Growing Power…


water wells/filtration & sanitation for clean water EVERYWHERE on the planet…

developing renewable energy generation systems (like solar & wind) & creating small businesses to support renewable energy…

and quality health care for EVERYONE…