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In the garden before work.

Had an early morning before work today
Got myself to the garden

The honeybees were already absorbed in their work among the buckwheat blossoms

I set out to harvest the dry beans
Because they were beginning to show signs of mold


This is NOT what a healthy bean looks like…

And as I pulled the plants out from the garden, there was this familiar track of thoughts running through my mind…
“Next year, I’m gonna thin the beans better… Be more on top of the weeds… Etc…”

(Squinchy face)

And so began the Thinking dance

Present… Future… Story… Present…
Present… Future… Story… Present….

(Waltz, anyone?)

It was my first go at growing dry beans
And from the mold I did learn that spacing DOES make a difference.
And yes, it has been quite rainy this season…
I’ve got some good information from this one season of trying something new

I love that about gardening
Experiential learning

I have no idea what the yield will be.
Time will tell after drying in the greenhouse

There are two varieties

Vermont Cranberry

And Marfax

One of the landowners was out in their garden and she gifted me one of the small Italian squashes – this one goes by the name Tromboncino

Serious, this is one of the small ones…


Then back out to the garden to pick a few carrots

(Should’ve taken a bucket with me, but a shirt will do in a pinch…)
A few more sunflower portraits, then off to work


Tending a garden – Late Summer 2014

I really enjoy tending and keeping a vegetable garden.

I’m fortunate to be given a few beds at the place where I farmed back in 2009.
The owners put in a cover crop of buckwheat
which is covered in blossoms ( & therefore honeybees) in the above photo
The hum of the bees & the now constant cricket song are a soothing sound to work by

It’s a lovely place
And while it’s often difficult for me to motivate myself to drive there
(“Jeez I’m using gas again, using the car again, I just got home from work, what if it’s too hot, etcetcetc…)
I never regret going, once I’m there
(Why do I forget this?!?)
It’s tricky for me to find a balance between effort and doing, and impact & nourishment…

Yesterday it was sunny & warm, but not too hot, thankfully
And so I set about weeding the many weeds which are growing quite well with all the rain we’ve had this season
But it’s good soil, and some of the intended, cultivated flowers & vegetables have also thrived


Coreopsis for dye & cut flowers

Strawflower for offerings

And one of the Blue Hubbards has sized up nicely (and has not been munched out by slugs)

Beets & carrots, two varieties each, are doing well
Had a taste test of the carrots with some friends last night
That was fun

Sunflowers for the spirit, bee food, seed, and dye

I love harvesting carrots, because the tops I give to the sheep
O I love the sheep
They are so sweet


It makes sense to me, keeping sheep…
The eat the weeds, they provide poop for a robust compost pile, and wool, and even meat or milk if one wanted.
I enjoy their company, their gentleness.

One day, still, I hope to have my own garden nearby where I live
Just outside, a short walk away.
Till then, I’ll continue to drive to the garden
Tending it is good medicine
And feeds me in many ways, and other beings too.
May I never learn how to garden for one.