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Flowers & cats: what’s in your self-care kit?

part of my self-care kit

Is going for walks

Sometimes without my phone

& sometimes with – then I can capture images to add to my kit


Spring, for most of my life, has been a challenging time


Hello, Crocus!

But going for walks in it, & noticing the small changes is helpful


I’m always grateful for a slow-coming spring

As it has been this year


Please say hello to Scilla siberica


It is not native to Siberia

But to Southwestern Russia, the Caucasus, & Turkey

Blue flowers are some of my favorites.


Cats, too, (especially Shoofins) are part of my kit.

Here is Sophie being Small.


& here is Izzy making a beeline for my oatmeal 


(Successful cat trapping by Jenny)


And then there are stripes.

What is it about stripes?

I do love finding stripes in the natural world


As well as unique messages…


Blessings on the simple things


May you find beauty & joy in the small things on this very Spring day

May you come to know what stirs a sense of kindness in you


Wishing you in touch with your sense of wonder.

How to prevent neck pain while working at a computer.

this is a very short blog post by one of my teachers of how to prevent neck pain while working at a computer

Thank you Cindy Black at Big Tree School of Natural Healing for writing this!

And to my brilliant sister for the suggestion to share it!

Here are gratuitous pictures of Sophie & Izzy.

Thank you Jenny for sharing them along

sometimes, you just gotta stay (y)inside.


was a very tender day


i don’t really know why

i could try to point my finger in a number of directions, trying to find the root cause…

Uranus opposition? Pluto square? transits, moon cycle, mid-life unraveling…?

but the truth is i don’t really know.


all i know is that being alive felt very porous

and open to the world



today was grand jury duty.


and today i lied and called in sick because i just felt too tender to go and listen and see


so i stayed home.

i stayed inside.

(the irony of lying regarding jury duty did not escape me)

i listened to the birds, and read, & meditated, made a phone call & wrote some emails trying to forward a project i’ve been working on since 2011, ate food, drank hot water, listened to the 3 saved astrology cd’s, baked muffins, and threw out all of my old journals.


they were in a box marked to be burned in the case of death, so, why was i waiting?


(blue flax is one of my favorite perennials)

today, a friend & shiatsu mentor since 1995 called – it was so nice to catch up.

and so nice to be able to tell her about the tender, raw-ness, & that she understood such things.

she gave her support for taking care of my Heart Protector, for the self-care i practiced today, & encouraged me to stay in Yin until i was ready to rise up again.

and while we are well into Spring, and while it’s the time of great rising energy


well, sometimes, you just gotta stay (y)inside.


and sometimes, you gotta write things that your friends say on your wrist.


on one of the cd’s, my teacher said: you’ve got to share the pain out into the world to heal it.

which, quite honestly, feels really naked-making, but i get the feeling that she’s right.

and so, this.


20 years ago, i moved to NYC to study shiatsu.

and while i don’t practice all that much any more, i am still learning about Heart Protector & Triple Heater.

but from the inside out, this time.


i don’t honestly know where all of this is headed, how things will unfold.

it remains to be seen.

i feel patient, though.

i hope it will be of benefit

this time, this composting time…

i guess only time will tell.