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Good morning from Cayuga Lake & geese & other animals.

It was raining a bit when I went outside to photograph the good morning view

& I could hear many geese calling

There was a large gaggle in the water

You can see them in the lower right corner…

Walking down to the water for a close look, I (sadly) scared away a small flock of what looked to be swans 

Deer scat passed by…

Receding ice on the western shore…

Clear water…

Geese in flight.

I wish I knew how to upload videos… There’s now about 8 short 15 second clips on my phone of the large honking wedges (or skeins, or teams – our English names for geese in a group in flight)

Easily thousands of geese

So beautiful…

Sorry, I just don’t know how to do that.

Here’s a photo of the bunny

Recently shorn, he usually has longer hair, as he’s an Angora rabbit.

And Luna, seemingly only content when I’ve sat down to become a throne

Aaaaand some tiny prints from yesterday before the rain arrived

I’ve only just learned that the Queen wasps will not return to their former nests after hibernating through the winter 

This large home hangs from the roof over the dock.

Wishing all beings safe journeys

Remembering reminders after forgetting.

I forgot to relate to my suffering with curiosity.

I don’t even think it was a matter of forgetting, because to forget, one has to remember, or have some sense of mind-awareness of it in the first place.

So I guess I wasn’t forgetting, but merely embroiled in a cloud of an internal swirling mix of thoughts, projections, worrying, misperceptions, feelings, & emotions.

Sounds like fun, no?

(Raise your hand if anyone out there feels things really deeply)

O hiiiiiiii!

Stop, & pause & breathe.

I forget to stop. To stop & breathe & just feel, notice, be curious about what is happening inside & outside.

Curiosity out the window

I need to invite curiosity to be my pocket roommate & constant intimate companion.

There is a kind of gentleness which comes automatically when I turn towards the critters & the wild things of this world

Even the weather outside receives the open attention & wonder

This mind sometimes not so different from a box of potatoes gone growing…


Interesting, lovely, amazing even – the will & intelligence of the potato

(Hello Compost)

This quality of attention rarely gets turned around

But that needs to change.

Meditation practice has helped yes

And I need to continue with sitting practice, & to not only read the Dharma –

(Thank you Pema for your practice & writing. thank you Margie for reminding me to re-read When Things Fall Apart, & thank you Mielle for sending me the book in 2009)

– but I seem to require listening to the Dharma as well.


It’s like a returning, a remembering, a face-palm “o yes, THIS! I forgot!”

I’ve been avoiding listening to Dharma talks, because for a while the talks just triggered the thinking about someone who (relatively) recently broke up with me & so I just stopped listening to avoid that trigger.

But it’s my medicine.

My medicine.

And since I’m not in a Dharma community, it’s up to me to surround myself with whatever medicine helps tend to this mind.

Seeding helps, working with plants helps 

Listening to the Dharma helps…

Making art…

Taking photos, noticing beauty in & of the world

Today is a new day

To practice, to remind myself, to remember when I forget

& to practice the kinder attention.

Gratuitous photo of Genuine, enjoying her grass

(Thank you, Jean, for the photo!)

May you remember the feeling of kindness as your experience of this day unfolds.

Rabbits revealed (still no phone)


since it’s submerged in a bowl of rice drying out from this morning’s downpour, i didn’t have my phone today at work.

it was quite muggy and warm, so i offered the Rabbits the cucumber ends.

(me with the usual zucchini)

they are such good sports.

(their smartphone captured the image)

even gave their okay to be uploaded.

i do love these folks.