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Good morning from Ellis Hollow.


Good morning from Ellis Hollow.


Good morning from Snyder Hill.


Good morning from the South West Coast, FL.


Good morning from the South West Coast, FL.


Visiting family for the weekend

late night ramble on farmish things, emotions-n-stuff, grumps about humans, & the joy of cats.

This past Sunday was the first harvest day at Nook & Cranny

Greens, greens, greens 

Spinach, lettuce mix, broccoli raab, arugula, & mustard greens

All from the three smaller hoop houses

(And eggs from the many hens)

While harvest went throughout the morning into the early afternoon, I seeded & transplanted in the greenhouse


Basil coming up nicely… 


It was a bit overcast & chilly outside, but cozy inside the greenhouse

Soon it will be too warm for me in there & so I’ll do the seeding outside

This was from the past Friday when it snowed a bit

The farm slowly is unfolding it’s shape as each new bed is tilled & planted

(I didn’t take many photos again, because there were 25 trays to seed, others to move, & 100 eggplant plants to be transplanted)

Say that three times fast:

…Eggplant plants to be transplanted…


(Thankfully this photo was NOT taken at the farm)

Sweet earthy groundhog looking for its breakfast this morning

I went across the road to where my garlic was planted to see if it was coming up… And it is!



Here’s the lovely nearby pond

(From the evening before)

Showing water’s amazing reflective capacity

I’ve been marveling at water lately.

It can be a mirror at times, clear at times, and obscuring at times.

And sometimes all at the same time! …depending on ones position relative to the body of water

(A vernal pond from last month after a freeze)

I was recently on a walk & passed a parent & child walking in the opposite direction

We were all passing a (thawed) vernal pond at the same time

I overheard the child say “ewwww that water is gross” & then the parent agreed with that sentiment…

I felt saddened by what had just transpired… In my view, it was a missed opportunity to open a narrow opinion

Vernal ponds are teeming with life… Frogs & peepers & insects…


But I guess I get sad easily.

I feel sad when great trees are cut down, even if they could pose a threat 

Critter activity!

I don’t know what was going on today in the world, but it seemed that many people were driving aggressively.

Ultimate example:

I was driving past an elementary school (where the limit drops from 45 to 35 during school hours) and a sporty sports car passed me, crossing a double yellow line.

OMG people…?!?!

What is all the hurry about?

Could we all try to slow down a little bit…?!?

Thank goodness for Izzy.

(Thank you Jenny, for the photo)

Nighty night all.

Back from retreat.

Feeling fortunate to have gone on retreat

The darkness & silence there was nourishing


I’m also glad to be home.

(Though I DO miss the wood stove…)

I took one good morning photo

Was visited by a pair of deer

Heard Great Horned Owls calling at 4 in the morning

Watched the sky change slow and sun set on Halloween

Went for numerous walks each day


Felt softness underfoot through squishy stretches of Fern Moss


Amazing geometric beauty

One of the trails passed through a grouping of large, currently dormant, ant hills

Bizarre and beautiful…

Is it sort of like a whole city deciding, yeah okay everybody go to sleep for the next six months!? See you in April!

Lycopodium was doing its sexy thing

Seeing this plant always makes me think of my beloved cat, Oni – who was on the homeopathic remedy Lycopodium before he died.

Which I suppose is fitting since it was Halloween & Samhain and it’s the thin time now…

At a lower part of the woods, there was quite a bit of Reindeer Moss

Gorgeous, squishy stuff

I plucked ticks from my body

Knitted & read & wrote & sat

And rested outside, eyes closed & falling into naps
Bundled up from the chill of the day in a winter coat, listening to ravens & bluejays & chickadee calls while soaking in the fleeting sunshine

Dreaming of home



Good morning from Nichols Pond, Woodbury, VT.