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Seed Trials 2 – including Italian Flat Parsley.

While I did intend to grow parsley for seed last year by overwintering a flat of seedlings through Winter of 2013-2014
Over a dry spell this past season, while I was away, the parsley grown for eating got stressed & went to seed

A bit of a bummer
I eat a LOT of parsley
But, engh.
So lemons out of lemonade, parsley seed in 2014.

it got me to the farmer’s market more often to visit friends.

Here are the two jars of parsley seed soaking for the past two-ish days.
Both have been rinsed three times each.
Good sign that most of the seed has sunk to the bottom

A big thank you to Hudson Valley Seed Library for posting how to do this on their blog.
Check ’em out!
Support small local seed companies!!

Gather up the supplies:

Reused ziplock baggies
Masking tape
Sharpie marker
Paper towels

And seeds!

Batchelor’s Buttons, Dyer’s Coreopsis, Marigold, & Calendula

In addition to the Parsley

Strain the water (don’t save parsley water for germination – it has germination inhibitors)

Say hello & thank you to the seeds

Then in one swoop, knock the seeds out onto a quarter of the paper towel

Fold up into a quarter size, sandwiching the seeds between the paper towel folds

O I forgot to mention to have a small bowl of water nearby

You want to thoroughly wet the paper towel seed sandwich




Into the *labeled* baggie

Seal well

Home for the next two to three weeks

I repeated the same process for the cool-soaked parsley

Onto the flower seeds!

Easiest first

Beautiful & bizarre

They are relatively large

Follow the same process as the parsley seeds

The marigolds took a little time to process

There’s probably a more efficient way to have done this, but this is how it went down in the kitchen

Little by slow


It’s a very satisfying process

The seeds slide out easily

The seed capsule when dry is slightly translucent
So beautiful

Now for super slo-mo close-up 




They are very slim, flat and relatively long seeds

And the one I’ve been putting off
Dyer’s Coreopsis

This is only a fraction of what needs to be processed…

Upside is that it smells really fresh

Teeny tiny
AND flat

Plus a WHOLE lotta chaff
Which I’m not equipped to deal with

I grow this every year, so investing in the making or purchasing of seed harvest trays would be wise

It’s a generous plant

So 100 seeds will be tested


Last but not least, Batchelor’s Buttons

They are so cute with that tuft of fuzz

Not much seed, so only 20 in the trial

Good night everybody!


Seed trials & attempting to change a habit.

It’s that time of year

When the seed catalogs arrive one after another

This year, I decided to run some seed trials before placing orders

I still have a fair amount of seeds from when I was farming
But didn’t know if they were viable

Mammoth red rock cabbage gets composted
Zero germination


The alliums, which are said to only have a year viability, did stellar – no doubt due to being kept meticulously cool & dry in multiple baggies tucked in the refrigerator since 2012

Hell yes

Even the notoriously fussy shallots germinated well

Yes yes yes

Sierra Batavian lettuce did well

Alas the Concept Batavian goes to the compost

Scarlet Nantes carrots will be seeded in 2015

Shin Kuroda carrots did fair… Tempting to keep them & seed heavily when planting

May do one more trial with this carrot…

Was asked by a friend if I was testing the seeds I grew
And I hadn’t yet, but began today with the parsley


I guess I was nervous – it being the first time growing parsley for seed

I’m trying to pay attention to the thoughts in my mind
Since the habit of identifying with the thoughts is SO strong
I’m trying to be mindful of the thinking habits

I could see a procrastination fear habit right in plain sight
Fear of failure.
So don’t even try.
…like if I don’t test it, then I won’t know – that is, I won’t know they won’t germinate

But they might!

Thing is, even if they don’t germinate
I tried
And it was a fun experiment
And I can try again with seeds I purchase in 2015 if need be

Aren’t they so pretty?
With their stripes?

Parsley seeds are not the tiniest, but they are small

Handling the seeds released a wonderful bright smell
Bright & bitter

Let the parsley trials begin!

A quarter teaspoon to soak in hot water

And another quarter teaspoon in cool water

Double trial
Why not

The parsley seed coat contains a chemical which inhibits germination
So soaking the seeds (and changing the water twice) can take a week off of the three week germination period…

I wonder if fuanocoumarins could be a natural weed inhibitor…?

Lots of parsley seeds!

Onto a sheet of paper for ease of pouring…

Seed divination, anyone?

Using the composted seed’s envelopes

Thank you FedCo seeds of Maine


Bucket Gallery – Late Summer.