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Friday at Nook & Cranny.

Yes, well this post is a bit late…

It has been a busy time.

Quite the beautiful day this past Friday at Nook & Cranny.

The living things at the farm are growing well

Standing just outside the door of the greenhouse looking in

Soon joined by Sebastian

 On my way to say hello to the Cathedral

Sebastian’s got a Big Purr.


Stepping into the greenhouse to gather up some supplies for my time of seeding

I say hello to the Celeriac, the many Peppers, Tomatoes, & Eggplant

By the day’s end, the right side underneath the table was also covered with ten more trays of beans


Harit Covert to be exact

(A French variety of green bean, which is longer & thinner)

Other took up his spot on one of the chairs in the porch

(I’ve yet to ask about how he was given his name – but I’ll ask next chance I get)

It was a day off for the two on-farm interns 

 And Garrett set out to make Dandelion Wine!
 Tori did too

They gathered up many of the abundant Dandelion heads from around the farm

Steadily pulling the petals off into gallon jars

 Petals and petals and petals

 Staining fingertips golden

Eventually filling a jar with the gently aromatic fluff


Sebastian opted to sun himself 


It was a cool & bright day


Beans & basil & lettuce are faring well 

Sebastian ever-ready for affection


Evidence soon swept into the earth-ground.

Sunday Seeding and Harvest at Nook & Cranny.


Seeding day & Harvest day

Boxes were nearly finished by the time I arrived at the farm

It’s the final week for the Early Spring Greens Share


And both on-farm interns are settled in

 Bob decides the final positioning for the radishes  

he likes vegetables in boxes to be aligned the same way

All just-so.

 Team Work   

Spinach, Radishes, Lettuce, Mustard Greens, Kale, Bok Choi, & some Pea Shoots 

Heat-loving plants are in the greenhouse

Here are Peppers & Eggplant

There’s also Tomatoes, Okra, & Curcubits – like Summer Squash and Cucumbers.


In the tunnel nearby are Beans, Basil, Celeriac, & Lettuce 

Bob picked out the day’s varieties for the seeding

Zippy-doodle Chosen packs rest upon sacks of potatoes awaiting planting

Bulls Blood Beets – for Beet Greens, 5 types of Winter Squash, 3 types of Lettuce, 2 types of Dandelion Greens, & 3 types of Storage Cabbage Harvest was almost complete 

Boxes covered & tidying up


Other holds down the Yin principle 


While Bob writes up the day’s goodness on the chalkboard 

 I set to filling trays

 With the assistance of Other

 And Sebastian

 Handsome bullfrog nearby


There were two types of Baby Blue Hubbard squash 

 & this one, too

Same vegetable, different variety, mind blown


Here’s a variety of Kabocha type called Sweet Mama

 And another Kabocha

(These are my favorite…)

 Holy wowie there is fringe on the Waltham Butternut!!

This is the classic Butternut squash.

Great Keeper.

 And another favorite, Honeynut

For a rich story on the Honeynut squash, click on the link.

A visit to the Cathedral at day’s end to say hello to the plantlings

Then it was time to head back to the house sitting home & tend to the four-leggeds


 & Rosie

…Today it’s a Transition day for me, heading home after a stretch at the Northside house.

Blessings on the day

I’m grateful to be a part of something larger than myself, working at Nook & Cranny

Blessings on the Small Organic Farms everywhere.

Yesterday’s anniversary of return.

(This photo is from Friday…)  
But, Yesterday

Sunday May 3rd, 2015

Was the anniversary day of my return to upstate New York in 2006.

This is Oni

(In his mouth is “fingies”, with which he would play fetch)

He was my beloved companion for 10 1/2 years, 

And on this date, nine years ago we stayed the night in an unheated, uninsulated “shackette” back in upstate New York.

That night the tempreture dropped down to 23 degrees (ferenheit) & the following day, began my apprenticeship on a small, organic, horse-powered farm.

It was one of the best experiences of my life.


My dear one, Oni.

A big thanks to my Dad who drove nearly the entire journey from the Mojave desert to Chicago.

A big thanks to my Mom who arranged the moving & storage of all my furniture.

A big thanks to my sister who was away during that interim time & who offered to let me & Oni stay in her apartment for a few days before He & I made the final drive back to New York.

So I suppose it was fitting that I was at Nook & Cranny yesterday, 9 years since returning to farm, seeding & transplanting while harvest carried on.

It’s too hot for me in the greenhouse now, so I commandeered the egg-cleaning station to work

Other joined the fun.

 Share member’s boxes all lined up slowly being filled with the goodness 

Not too much seeding yesterday – I did most of it Friday – only 5 trays.

3 okra & 2 cucumbers – four varieties.

(Okra!!!!! Pickling cucumbers!!!!!)


Then onto transplanting 211 Brussels sprout seedlings.

…which took quite a few hours…  

Mesclun mix hydro cooled & rinsed in the greenhouse sinks getting its final picking through by Bob before getting bagged up in the barn

These large trays have a wire mesh bottom for the water to drain

At the end of harvest, Bob does a final look over of the boxes

So much beauty!

Radishes, lettuce heads, kale, mustard greens (purple & green bunches), broccoli raab, mesclun mix, arugula, spinach, & braising mix.

Holy greens, Batman.

Then they are all covered up with a sheet of plastic to protect them from any debris