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Zippy ramble on Shallow things, the Beauty of things, & Need.

I have never seen an ugly tree
Never ever ever.

I have seen only beautiful trees

Yes, I’m partial to particular trees
Like this Shagbark Hickory

I have never seen an ugly vegetable
They are only different from each other, even if of the same variety
Each one unique

Take this leek, for example
The vibrant color!
The subtle shifting of hue (or is it tone?)
The way it sorta looks like a sawn plank of wood

Is a leek like a tree?
Or is a tree like a leek?

I have always been drawn to things that show time, age, revealing something which speaks of change & impermanence

Things that unapologetically show by their beingness the effects of weather, seasons, the Elements colliding with that very thing

Like this bit of road

None of us are spared the effects of the winds of time

I will spare you a recent photo of myself
An image caught of this 43 year old face
Gone through seasons of gardening & farming
And more recently, grief, which brings its own character

Wrinkles & silver hair coming like snow

I probably should use eye cream or something

And I will admit to looking at this 43 year old person-tree image, not with the eyes that sees the beauty in trees, or vegetables…
Too much judgement of this surface which is with me every moment of the day
*hiding behind fingers shame*

But the thing is
I really want to see the effects of time & seasons & weather – the external & the internal weathers

I will win no beauty pageant
Would never qualify for one in the dominant culture in which I live
And that’s okay

So I keep to the woods

Where I am reminded of the sort of beauty I long to embody

The world in which I was born into promotes capitalism & profits

I would rather focus on a world where need is the lead

Like a marked path in the woods, need in the world leads us where we, or rather, We need to go

What is truly needed?
Wendell Barry speaks to this.

(Absolutely worth your time to watch the interview with Berry)

William Douglas Horden speaks to this.
Vendana Shiva speaks to this.
Bill McKibban speaks to this.
No doubt, there are many others…

This post is a zippy ramble
Of shallow things
Of things quite important
Even if
They are not being mentioned on tonight’s news reel

Wishing you
A relaxed belly
An unhurried walk in a place of quiet beauty
Wishing you generous, gentle eyes upon yourself & the world around you
The courage & faith to respond to what is needed in this world

Blessings on all beings

Good morning.


Good morning.

this is the view to the West.

this is the good morning view for a while.

it’s been a while

the computer wasn’t working

but i asked a friend if he’d come out to check out the computer

and he said


and so he did

and now, i’m back online.

i need people.

i do.

i rely on them

most of whom i don’t even know.

every time i sit down for breakfast

and contemplate everything i’m eating, or how i was able to prepare the food

was due to many many people, animals, forces of the world…

sun, rain, elementals

the farmers nearby who care well for their chickens and lo and behold i have a bright orange yolked egg

the bread baked by people nearby

who in the world made the stove?

someone made it

delivered it

mined the metals from this earth

it all comes from the earth

we are so reliant on this earth

and on each other.

for a long time, and even now still sometimes, often

the feeling of need stirs up some kind of reaction

but there is need

and today i’m actually grateful for it

can see the beauty in it and of it

this intricate web

that i cannot see

but have a sense of

blessing on you, your eyes your mind if you are reading this

blessing on you and your life