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Weather, some walks, Kitties, & Sunday seeding.

Waking each day in one mood or another  

I try to begin each day with a thanks-for-this-day feeling in my heart

Then step into the day.

Today began uneventfully.



Upon putting away a photo of my elder…

(which I had set out for her yortzeit last week, but yesterday & today kept getting the strong push to put it back where it usually sits)

…i found a letter from the person I was beginning to love this time last year.

There was a photo of the two of us, a note from his last visit, & just seeing the handwriting triggered a squinchy feeling in my chest.


And just like that 

The weather changed

Right before my morning sit.


I didn’t know what to do with the letter, so I set it down & covered it with an image of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

I didn’t want to sit with that weather, with those feelings. I didn’t want to feel what had arisen


Lately, I keep hearing Jack Nicholson’s voice from the movie A Few Good Men barking “you can’t handle the truth”

Which feels like a meanness, but I’m trying to just notice that critical voice (which may well be true)


I was glad to get to work, to focus on other things, like chopping vegetables & listening to podcasts on my headphones.


This is from a walk the other day to the lower end of the lake.


And this is from a walk today after work

On the Western side & towards the upper end of the lake


It’s good for me to remember that weather changes.

Just as the feelings came & went by the end of this morning’s sit  

Grief continues to visit & can feel very intense at times, still.

I don’t yet understand why – I’m just trying to make room for its passing through.


I haven’t wanted to write much about it

I think I’ve been ashamed of it, wanting to hide its lingering presence.


Thank goodness for kitties.

Here’s Sophie  

(All photos of Sophie & Izzy are from Jenny)


Here’s Izzy  


I love to receive these photos

They do brighten my day

As does visiting the babies


They are getting so big


This past Sunday the greens & brassicas went into the hoop houses 


(Please note the rolled up balls of remay towards the back of the photo…)

But first they waited in the barn as the hoop house soil was readied further 


In order for me to do more seeding, the alliums had to wait outside for a spell until all the many trays of greens had a suitable place to sit in the hoop houses


This photo makes me smile

The dances done, working things out, imperfectly, but workable.


(It’s in the 20’s outside, and warmed to the 30s that day, but relatively warm in the hoop house)

This is the first hoop house in process

And this is what happens when I walk into the greenhouse



(It becomes even warmer when the sun shines…)



Joining me in the greenhouse was a small flock of Barred Rock chicks!


Peeping & chirping & napping


I really enjoyed their company



The usual Sunday spring seeding… Beets, Raab, Spinach, Lettuce, Cabbage, Scallions, Chard, Kale, Broccoli, Mustard, Brussel’s Sprouts.


27 trays in all

Then I went to see the hoop house action


The view from the first hoop house towards the long hoop house


Steam rises from the cold water on the  warmed soil inside


Here’s that wall of remay balls…


And the barn-dwelling kitties


Hello, Sebastian.


Hello, Other.


Hello, Nook & Cranny Farm.

On my walk today after work, despite not being able to hike the trail due to icy conditions…


There are signs of Spring


Swollen fuzzy buds


I feel a sadness when a great old tree is cut down


Over 140 years old…


There’s snow on the ground, but basically it was one huge ice sheet underneath


Wishing you patience & kindness with all of your weathers

Blessings on the day.


Good morning from Cayuga Lake.


heading out on retreat – good morning photo pause

this morning walking from the compost pile

to the good morning photo taking spot

i saw this


and i got a little excited

just to see the green

the grass

the reminder that it’s still soft & life-full & squishy under this crystalline world

i love winter


i do i love it

certain things are revealed in Winter that cannot be witnessed in other seasons.

no i don’t like driving in it, in Winter


this was from two days ago

the entire 5 mile hilly, swooping stretch of road was coated in a sheet of ice

and that would be a snow plow getting itself out from being stuck in the snow bank

beyond & before the sides of the road in the banks were cars

“littered with cars”

at least 6 before i took this photo – (i stopped counting when i saw the plow) – and i was stopped behind another car when this was taken.

2 pick-up trucks, an oil truck, AND the plow

all wedged in the banks of snow.

how i made it to work is something, i suppose, of a miracle

(driving really really slow after seeing the first car stuck at the flat part of the road)

i love the plows & the people of the plows…

and i managed to get myself stuck after work in a low bank in the driveway at work

(lots of shoveling & kitty litter & swearing and the car freed itself from the clutchy grip of wet heavy snow)



(little spider from a walk another day… i moved it to a leafy spot where it could stay)


this is a long winded telling of a morning – i’m getting ready to head out on silent retreat till the beginning of March

so there’ll be a pause in the Good morning photos.

i almost didn’t go, the usual grip of what-ifs & fears holding tight…

thank you housemates for all of your support & listening & space

thank you Aro for your love & kindness & listening & courage in your own life

till then

enjoy the swing – and remember that it’s good for maple syrup…
we are in maple syrup season!


(sugar shack from last year)

keep the back of your necks covered, folks

keep the wind from getting in

these winter aconite are from last year… but perhaps they are stirring…