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Izzy head bonks.

Head bonks with Izzy are full-on.

dear Sporty dude bro.

I went for a long walk this evening

Trying to find a tree similar to one I saw this afternoon up in Oswego, NY

During my more-than-one-hour walk tonight, though passing at least 30 people, no words were exchanged.

The solitude was nice.

There was a sweet moment of acknowledgement between myself & a father walking with his young son – as we passed in opposite directions, the child said something funny & I laughed & so did the father 

3 seconds of eyes meeting & that was all.

Felt good to just settle into movement & senses

I mention all of this

Because not five minutes into a walk on a cliff overlooking Lake Ontario this afternoon

I hear a man’s voice asking me a question as I’m looking closer at a tombstone 

“Did you just take a picture of that tombstone?”  
So I stand up & turn around

And say: yes

Dear sporty dude bro on a bicycle,

My short answer to your question is my polite attempt to let you know that I’m not interested in having a conversation.

“Did you know him”


My short answer to your other question is my second attempt to let you know that I’m not interested in having a conversation.

All due respect to local traditions, but my backing away from you is a not-so-polite way to let you know that I’m seriously not interested in hearing more about you and your friend sleeping on a grave of one of the soldiers buried here.

And then, “do you speak English?”

Yes (still backing away)

Thankfully, he then pedaled on his way  

And then


I wanted to feel the water of this Great Lake

Wanted to see it’s natural rock line

But there was fencing

Dude bro was gone, & no one was around, AND there was a hole cut in the fence

So I crawled through it

(This is the view on the narrow strip of land between the lake & the fence, aforementioned cemetery just beyond)

I didn’t go down to the water

There was a steep slope of that same crushed stone used under the railroad ties

I didn’t dare not being able to scramble back up, OR being caught

I didn’t stay long

Just long enough to hear the waves 

The smell of creosote was strong from the new railroad ties

So again through the hole in the fence to be with great-great-great grand ancient tree for awhile

(Backpack set there to show scale)

It must have witnessed so much in its long lifetime

If anyone recognizes this bud/blossom, please let me know.

There were many scattered about under the canopy & it’s kinda sticky.

I had to get back home, otherwise I would have tried to find a shoreline with public access.

Perhaps another time.

So here’s a gratuitous image of Genuine kitty in her cozy new sleeping spot

 (Thank you, Jean, for the photo!)

Wishing all a peaceful night.

Blessings on the Ancients.

Easter potluck peeps cupcakes.

say THAT three times fast…

So… This past weekend 

I attended a friend’s Easter gathering

It was potluck – there were about 30 people there

(Hello, weak social muscles… Ready for a workout?)

I brought local root vegetables – roasted with herbs

…really liking the idea of last season’s vegetables at their tail end being transformed and offered at a joy-occasion

Like winter turning into spring… 

I found myself inspired to bring a desert

At the grocery store in late March I always wander down the seasonal aisle 

And find glee rising up when seeing all the bright colors & holiday animals & Peeps!


These are some of the two dozen gluten-free, vegan carrot cake cupcakes cooling near the window in the kitchen

It was a new recipe – a Gooder it turns out – and they were really fun to assemble

I’ve never made fancy cupcakes before and now I have a sense of the whole cupcake craze.

(Is that even still a thing?)


The frosting was colored to a pale green with vegetable dye food coloring

Brought me back to pre-school & playing with food coloring-dyed water & glass funnels

Fun fun fun


It was my Papa’s yortzeit that day, and this is his & Yaya’s platter, and we used to celebrate Passover at their home every year, so I felt like they were, in a way, with me…


Pink sprinkles (veggie dye) as flowers…

Only 20 fit on the tray


The remaining four would go straight into the freezer for another day


Okay, I know, Peeps are not vegan.

But they are easily taken off the cupcake & handed over to a carnivorous person

It was surprising to find that raw cacao nibs smell like a dairy barn



But it was only fitting since the gathering was at a dairy farm

And the cacao nibs represented the bunny poop.

If there’s a next time, though, I’ll use dark chocolate chips – they are sweeter.

Let me know if you want the recipe for the cupcakes &/or frosting.


Zombie spatula.

one of the things i love about this retreat #1

there is much to love about this retreat.

something that keeps returning is the teaching about rice

“it’s all rice.¬† you can eat all of it.”

meaning that no matter what occurs, no matter what comes up, it’s all food for practice.


i get to watch

with as much kindness as possible

(and i get to watch when there’s the opposite of kindness, too)

this mind

these emotions

this body

no matter what is going on or coming up or unfolding.

all of the weathers.


take the person i mentioned before leaving

someone i met last year

where the feeling of love arises in me

naturally, easily.

not the Eros sort of love, (okay, maybe a little) but closer to what feels like Philia or Pragma


so, i get to watch all of the stories

the multitude of ways i try to control in my mind…

there’s the t.v. channel of future – drama edition (lots of twists and turns)

the t.v. channel of future – comedy edition (wacky mishaps & mayhem)

the t.v. channel of future – romance edition (yeah, baby)

and then, if i’m paying attention, i get to drop the story.

just like that.


and over

and over…

this mind – holy crap it’s busy.


one day while washing the dishes

i saw that even the stories i tell myself, the ones where “i don’t get what i want”, you know, the tragedies (full of sadness & disappointment)

even those are a sort of attempt to control an outcome –

(not to mention missing each moment with the pot…)

this mind telling stories is an attempt at trying to control my feelings

which, for whatever reason, i try to manage or avoid, as much as possible.

it’s such an old habit

(stuff a dragon in a small box, anyone?)

the thing is

turns out, i’ve just come to know that i don’t really want to control the outcome of things.

my view is limited.

and omigosh it would be boring.

my stories are so predictable now.

like some tragic sitcom writer in a rut.


an image came

of two great gods

napping in some gorgeous sky-meadow

and here on earth, squeaking my little story (whichever edition…)

one of them snorts, still half-asleep

“did you hear something?”

the other, rolling over, and letting out a fart

“naaaah, go back to sleep”