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Web of sadness, Anchor’s away, & the unfolding of things.

i try to respect the privacy of people.

Even my own – but it’s a strange line, especially when there’s this mix of shyness coupled with a curious desire to simple say what’s so

Check out the awesome socks!

Hand knit by my Elder’s eldest daughter.  
My Elder, my Anchor is away

He’s been away at times – and his body is wrestling with brain cancer.

A brilliant man, an honored Physicist.

He gave me his blessings to write about it on the blog

But I haven’t, really.

I feel sensitive to how it will land, what I’ll likely forget to say, or what I’ll write & how that will land

Here’s his ancient puppy, Bentley

I love them both

My elder & his dog

And this family has been my anchor for the past 6 years of my seemingly-ever-shifting life

He’s still Here, but I miss him when he’s away.

My mind knows

The nature of coming & going

Not unlike the inhale & exhale

But this knowing doesn’t keep the heart from feeling a deep sadness

Connecting to a larger web of sadness as thoughts of Nepal, and boats filled with migrant people comes to (heart)mind…

Connecting that to my own family line who left their countries in an attempt & hope of escaping prejudice & violence not all that long ago.

The hummingbirds have returned

Two (well, four, really) Dear Friend’s will soon give birth to life anew

And life continues to unfold.


Heading out


Coming in

I know I need to find my own anchor within

It’s a challenge for me.

Guess it’s time for more walks in the woods.


Good morning from Cayuga Lake, signs of deer, & bewilderment.

Last night before bed, I was reading

& was struck by a particular passage

I was struck by how this gold that made the wasichus (white people) crazy seems no different from how people are making choices today

Earlier in the day
I saw an article about the George Washington National Forest

(I’m going to overlook the irony that it happens to be named after George Washington, because before he even took in his first breath on this continent, that forest was alive & well & had its own name)

I find myself bewildered.

Is there a ban on fracking?
Or will be fracking in this forest?
I need to read slower, each article.

And bewildered by the choices some of us humans make

This morning, again there were signs of deer browsing


Tracks & scat & urine


I have heard people bemoan the deer
Their appetite for greens & shrub tips

I too have grumbled as my kale was munched to a nub once when the electric deer fence wasn’t turned on one night

But they were here long before me

The beautiful wild animals without opposable thumbs were here long before

And this morning I remember the forecast of species loss – 50%

And I know
We can make different choices for our humanselves
Which will cause a more beneficial ripple into this/our world

As above, so below

I stand with Black Elk
“…but my people did not want the road. It would scare the bison & make them go away…”