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Attached to things.

I get attached to things.

While I don’t consider myself a hoarder, I do still have a teddy bear from when I was a child whose mouth & fur around the paws have worn off.

I bought this t-shirt from a thrift store back in 2001

It is my favorite t-shirt
And the collar & hem are fraying, & there are holes all over it now


At some point, I’m gonna have to let it go.

I get so attached to things.
I wear my clothes & use my things pretty hard.

Here are a few photos from a recent walk



I have about 300 photos on my phone now
And am experiencing some technical difficulties which may require the phone to be “wiped clean”
And it remains to be seen wether the photos, contact info, & downloads will be “saved”

A challenge for this critter who gets attached to things
But I suppose good practice in letting go.

It’s that time of year, anyhow, Autumn, the Metal time – the season of/for keeping only what is essential, then letting the rest go.

May as well surrender to the unfolding of things.

Marco says that’s a wise plan.

One of my favorite times of the year.

This time of year
Is one of My Favorite Times of the year.

Winter Squash is coming in

(The Kabocha, the dark green critter, has a couple slug tastings munched out of it, so won’t make it to Deep Winter)

The Sungold tomatoes are still doing their thing

Potatoes are being dug for storage
Beets staying firm in the soil
& a few Serrano Peppers still managing to ripen through this cooler-than-usual Summer

There are herbs for tea & seeds for the following season
drying above the refrigerator

And scattered around other locations in the apartment



Thank you Late Summer
Thank you Winter, Thank you Spring
Thank you Summer
Thank you Autumn