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Shared mind, connecting mind.

I often feel “stopped” from within
Because of a belief that I don’t know enough

But what if it’s okay that I know what I know, and that more will be revealed in time, and that
Perhaps most importantly
It’s not for me to know or understand everything

I woke up this morning with the beginning lyrics from the song “This Land is Your Land” by Woody Guthrie

And thinking about the mind, and minds, and
Well, this land.

What if…

In the places where there is an abundant boatload of sunshine
(Hello, Southwest)
Solar was the means to harness energy…

In the places where there are many winds
(Hello, Midwest, hello, Southwest)


In the places where there are often boatloads of snow & rain
(Hello, Northeast, Midwest, Northwest)

That these continual, changing weathers and resources could be shared among all

And doing so in a way that would least harm or disrupt critters & wild places

Solar in the sunny places (on already existing rooftops so as not to disrupt wild places)

Wind turbines in the windy places (low enough so as not to disrupt the air beings)

Drains & Cisterns & pipe lines for places with abundant rains, snow, floods (pipe water instead of gas!! & maybe the heavily used rivers & aquifers will replenish themselves)

O I can hear the naysayers in my mind
O they are vicious and cruel
“What do you know?”
“You have no @$&;ing idea how to do that”

But here’s the deal
Someone, as I write this
In a plane above my head
there is light where I am even though it’s dark outside

So I may not know how
I don’t have the mind of an engineer
I wish I did

But I don’t

And that’s okay
I believe in shared mind, or connecting minds
I have a mind that sees connections & knows it’s possible to do something

For real, like, it can actually happen.

Even if I don’t know the engineering part.

There are brilliant minds all over the planet
Ones that actually see the connections, see what can be done, know how to do it.

And maybe “what ifs…” are not enough
But maybe it is?
A start or a spark?

If this little pea brain can catch the idea, then some brilliant minds can see the way how

If people fly all the time, then it’s possible to share the renewable resources that are all around us

To stop producing things which don’t break down (um, plastic, styrofoam, etc.)

Work (or if you prefer the word “jobs”) to create it, work to sustain & maintain it, and all the while in causing as little harm as possible to the land & critters who we share this place with

Work with the young
Work with the old

And a quote from William Douglas Horden

“We benefit from what our environment produces; our environment must benefit from what we produce”


what if earth was the gate, the decider, the yes/no guide for what we do & don’t do?



the truth is upsetting

but perhaps

the truth shall set us free.

what if

the yes – no guide to life

the flow chart of what we are going to do

and how we are going to do it

was a bit more simple



that the very first guidepost each question had to go through was asked & answered through the earth’s gate

what i mean to say is this

for example

take a styrofoam cups

yes or no

does it break down?


okay then we’re not going to make them.

but we need to have insulated carriers for transporting organs here and there – what to use?

how about mushroom foam?  or hemp foam?


okay super.


yeah, but (someone in the back of the audience peeps up) what about all the styrofoam factory workers?

how are they going to pay their rent, huh?

let there be seamless change

let the company transition to mushrooms (or whatever truly-compostable-breakdownable material) while keeping them on the payroll

just as Malden Mills did when a fire burned down their factory and they paid their workers while they rebuilt the factory…

though that doesn’t have a so-called happy ending – what if the rest of us pitched in to support everybody…?

community-stylie.  kickstarter, indigogo, etc.


the law that puts shareholders before the earth has to change.

i don’t know which law it is

memory (not always reliable) tells me that it was put into place by Mr. Dick
Cheney that if a public traded company can increase its profits to the shareholders, it by law has to be sold to a company that wants/has the ability to buy it out.



no more of that

the earth comes before shareholders


what the HELL is a shareholder

we are ALL shareholders

shareholding this planet together

with every wise & foolish decision & action we take.


the earth has to be the Law, the Say, the Gate that our both highly impactful & piddly human activities have to go through.



does it harm?

yes?  well, then NO.

find another way.

does it harm?

no?  great.  go for it.

and none of this bullsh*t like with hydrofracking with all the people and agencies saying it doesn’t do any harm.

tell you what.

let’s get some of that flammable Pennsylvania water flowing in the shareholders and hydrofracking creator’s homes and see if they’ll willingly drink it.


i could not go to sleep

without first posting something

something after seeing this

what if

the plastic could somehow be collected

from the oceans


gathering it back up

our ingenious brains can find a way to gather it up

what if

all that plastic could be made

into playgrounds

for all the children

who are worker/slaves in so-called third world countries

making our clothing for “cheap”


they could be set free

(and perhaps, training us here in the states, to also be expert tailors & seamstresses)

to play

on playgrounds made from recycled plastic

allowing the seabirds, the sea life

their birthright

to swim, to live, to fly

and perhaps

with earth as the guide, the gate, the ultimate yes/no decider

we can find our way home.