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Good morning from Cayuga Lake & ducks.

The sound of splashing
And communications from ducks
& the occasional call from seagulls


Good morning from Cayuga lake.


Good morning from Cayuga Lake.


Good morning from Cayuga Lake.


for the record, any thoughts of Metta were bumped by the sheer excitement of hearing & seeing the flocks of geese & ducks floating together this morning…

Good morning from Cayuga Lake + 1


the lake is still today

even from high up i can see the bottom clearly

(dinky phone does little justice to what is actually going on…)

there are two gatherings of ducks

just thankyouGoogle learned that a gathering of ducks is called a bunch, brace, or badelynge and the most common name for the group is a flock.

and the lake is so still

so very still

yesterday it was windy and there were whitecaps on the lake by afternoon…

i went down to the dock yesterday

needing to be near something of the earth, something larger than myself

so i went to the dock

and even though i could see the other side of the lake & the houses there

i focused on the sky, the quick moving clouds

and the surface of the lake

thinking of this house i’ve been at

and the kitty & the bunny i’ve been looking after



and the couple who lives here…

and looking at the lake

connecting with the surface of the water i thought of the woman – setting out, a mythic setting out on a sailboat

across the Atlantic.

so brave.

so honoring of a truth of a something within herself, a call, a pull… 

i don’t know how it occurred within her being…

mythic is the word that comes to mind… so many people over time have set sail set off on some kind of journey

mirroring something of their soul

i hold a deep respect for her choice

feeling into it, myself having no experience with boats, and a deep respect for the ocean

(which i suppose could be a euphemism for fear of the ocean, or fear of drowning, or fear of the unknown)

the power of the ocean

my goodness

my words don’t really touch it

all i can do is feel into it and there’s a sense of it and it’s more than massive

and not only massive, but MOVING.


so at the edge of the dock, connecting with the surface of the water – feeling into waters everywhere, sending a prayer out to all the bodies of water – a different sort of skin – for safe journeys…

whenever i’m here, house sitting here

i find something re-kindled… a wish of sorts to live at the edge of the land… to see water, the sea each day… the ocean…

and i’ve been feeling something stirring in me 

some sort of change calling

but i’m not sure what it is, or where the pull is coming from.

i’ll keep trying to listen and feel into it…

till then

here’s another Good morning from Cayuga Lake photo from earlier


blessings on the day.