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The best day, ever.

Every now & again
There is the best day, ever.

I volunteer as a Land Steward for the local Land Trust
And this best day ever began on a walk with the owner of one of the properties I help monitor

Just into the walk, some amazing life was discovered

Please say hello to Chlorociboria aeruginascens
(Aka The Green Elfcup)
I had never seen this beauty before.

After walking the boundary of their property, I headed over to the garden

And the bucket was full quickly with various generosities from the plant world which I was now ushering to the compost pile in preparation of the beds for the coming Winter

Thank you Tomatoes!
Thank you Tomatillos!
Thank you Coreopsis & Calendula & Basil!
Thank you Serranos!
Thank you Sunflowers!

There was a bit of an overflow, due to the gorgeous day

It was wise to take advantage of the perfect weather & the owners’ willingness to till one of the beds for the Fall planting of garlic.

So out came the rest of the beets, and carrots
And, with a bit of sadness, two marigold plants


As I dug carrots, the sheep began to gather nearby

I love eating local carrots, especially ones that I’ve grown
But offering the carrot tops to the
sheep is honestly the best part

O I love dem sheepies

She’s my favorite
So friendly
Look at that face!

A bit of weeding & raking,
and in about two weeks, I’ll put the garlic to bed again, till next July

Before leaving, I gathered up the cured Winter squash from the greenhouse
(I think I left it in there a bit too long…
O well)
Brought home some garlic for cooking, and a few Fennel fronds that were drying & peppers gifted by the owners from the hoop house

It felt so good to be outside for the entire day

The abundance of this time of year always takes me by surprise.
Such abundance
So much gratitude


Bucket Gallery.

Got to the garden yesterday after work

(Inside out hat makes for a veryfine bowl)

And I found that the stark white of a (relatively) clean 3-gallon bucket creates a lovely backdrop for just-harvested vegetables.

So begins (well, perhaps) a series:

Bucket Gallery


It’s sort of late in the season, and my garden is slowing down in terms of production & variety, so fingers crossed next season I’ll keep a garden again & continue on with the series.

In the garden before work.

Had an early morning before work today
Got myself to the garden

The honeybees were already absorbed in their work among the buckwheat blossoms

I set out to harvest the dry beans
Because they were beginning to show signs of mold


This is NOT what a healthy bean looks like…

And as I pulled the plants out from the garden, there was this familiar track of thoughts running through my mind…
“Next year, I’m gonna thin the beans better… Be more on top of the weeds… Etc…”

(Squinchy face)

And so began the Thinking dance

Present… Future… Story… Present…
Present… Future… Story… Present….

(Waltz, anyone?)

It was my first go at growing dry beans
And from the mold I did learn that spacing DOES make a difference.
And yes, it has been quite rainy this season…
I’ve got some good information from this one season of trying something new

I love that about gardening
Experiential learning

I have no idea what the yield will be.
Time will tell after drying in the greenhouse

There are two varieties

Vermont Cranberry

And Marfax

One of the landowners was out in their garden and she gifted me one of the small Italian squashes – this one goes by the name Tromboncino

Serious, this is one of the small ones…


Then back out to the garden to pick a few carrots

(Should’ve taken a bucket with me, but a shirt will do in a pinch…)
A few more sunflower portraits, then off to work


At the Rabbits – weather blowing through


this image is actually from last week.

more local carrots.  got that great stick.

today while at the co-op, i was met with a new sort of regulation, a new protocol, which i got all worked up about.

it just didn’t and still doesn’t fully make sense to me.

i can try to wrap my mind around it, but something about it seems a little fishy.

no offense to fish.

i got all worked up

got back to the Rabbit warren, er, house, and shared the new protocol

and, unfortunately, my worked-up-ness.

i suppose if i had it together i could have seen that i was all worked up over this thing that i have no control over

and which isn’t the end of the world

i was just all grumped up about it and that’s what i brought into the kitchen

o i don’t like when i do that.


fortunately for me, they are understanding Rabbits, and through some talking and awareness around my getting all worked up, the storm passed…

the knot in my chest loosened

and even the post-flip-out remorse swamp didn’t last too long.

there are just SO many things out of my control.

i can only control my response to things, really, it seems.

choices, and responses.

and as the saying goes, ‘you gotta pick yer battles’

and this is not one i really want to put energy into.

honestly, i miss the Park Slope Food Co-op in Brooklyn.

now, that’s a REAL co-op.

and while i don’t know if i could ever live in a major metropolitan area again, and it’s been over 12 years since i lived there, i still often think of the PSFC with a lot of fond memories, especially the people i worked with.

listening to a podcast of On Being of an interview with Sylvia Boorstein also made a HUGE difference in the weather…

it’s lovely – i highly recommend it.

especially if one is a parent, or re-learning how to parent oneself, as in my case.


for those of you who follow the good morning photo every day, i’m going to be away from a computer for a couple days, so there won’t be any posts of the good morning photo till Monday, or maybe Sunday if i get home early.

till then

please enjoy the weekend

and the lovely pear.


and this series of photographs which just sent me into a spin of wonder and awe for the world



At the Rabbits


local carrots have longer roots.

and are more sticky.