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Got reminders?

Not enough, apparently.

I heard a Dharma talk online recently,
Given by Jetsun Khandro Rinpoche
Who explained that even in the folding of the monk’s robes, there are concrete reminders of the Dharma.

She went on
To say that in order to remember to practice ongoingly throughout one’s day,
One needs to put into place

How many reminders?
She continued on with the logical answer to that personal question:

As many times as one forgets in a day, one needs more reminders than that.


And I can even recall hearing a teaching by Pema Chodron where she says: we need a lot of supports.


I forget
A lot

Identifying with my thoughts & feelings
And sometimes it takes nearly a day to see through this.

(Who am I kidding… This is nearly a lifelong habit, and has sometimes gone on for days…
This mind tipping into story as one falls into gravity)

Of this, I am not proud.
it is often where I am.

And that’s the only place I can start from.

Again and again.

I keep hoping, that if I continue practicing, eventually, a crack will form in the seemingly solid sense of self

And that something will take hold.

Now, this is not a complaint, nor do I mean for it to be an excuse:
I do not really “have” a Sangha.

It’s just what is at the moment.

I am grateful for internet access to talks, for retreats, and teachers who share the Dharma so generously, and for the disparate friends who are on the path that are willing to be in communication with me, helping me remember.
Especially when I’m in what seems like a deep place of forgetting.

There’s a lotta distraction “out there” and “in here”
It’s good to stick close to the middle of the path

One of “my Dharma friends” (who has since moved away) and I would recite this practice he introduced me to
A sort of prayer for the ancient Sangha… Praising and venerating Buddha’s main disciples- one of which I could identify with wholeheartedly.

He was the one who forgot.

His name was something like:
And because he could not seem to remember, his practice was incorporated into his chores, a movement practice – of sweeping the temple…
(Of course, I’m not remembering the two-line mantras he would roll in his mind throughout the day…)
Eventually, through his dedication and practice, he woke up.

It took about 4 hours to recite the entire, um, prayer (I’m not sure if that’s even the correct word to describe the practice…)
And it was great to focus like that, sustained through a portion of the day

Because, WHOA habits can be deeply grooved

After work today, I went to the woods for a walk
Which seems to offer something of great benefit

And seeing, with the support of a Dharma friend with her practice so grounded, that given I have yet to become grounded in dis-identifying with the thoughts and feelings which can come so strong

– and so seemingly solid, it is abundantly clear that I do not have my life set up in such a way where there are more reminders than the times I forget.

This has to change.

Though I’m not yet sure what life will look like in order to support the “remindings” I seem to need.

I get that things take time

And though there is that sense of urgency present

Again, I can hear Pema Chodron’s voice, from all the times I’ve listened to those cassette tapes in the car, that it’s best to not rush it or push it.

At one of the homes where I work on occasion, there is a sticker posted in the kitchen
“Everything in its own time”

One step forward, two steps back…
Dharma boogie.

Brilliant Dharma talk given by Jack Kornfield.

Brilliant Dharma talk given by Jack Kornfield.

thank you so Dharma Seed.