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Good morning.


when i take the good morning photo

just before pushing the button on my phone

i pause

and in my mind as i look out at the view

i say a little blessing.

based on Metta meditation

but modified a bit:

may all beings who see this image

be safe

be happy

be healthy

& live with ease

sometimes, i’ll add:

and may all people they know and love be safe, be happy, be healthy, & live with ease

someone once said to me

(someone pious)

that one shouldn’t broadcast or tell people about the details of their spiritual practice.

i’m not sure why

i’ve always wondered about it since then

maybe it dilutes the power of it…?

maybe people will think i’m all “holier-than-thou”…?

i don’t honestly know why.

seeing the power of homeopathy, i don’t really believe in the dilution of power.

and i am no holier than thou

except for tailgaters.

I AM holier than tailgaters.

(except when i’m swearing at them, so i guess i’m not holier than tailgaters…)

i figure

if i share about this

perhaps other people will act from this place of blessing, too.

and my main teacher, she speaks about sharing…

and the benefit of it.

i’m going to be moving some time soon.

i don’t know if the view will be such that i’ll take a good morning photo each day.

i’m not sure yet.

till then,

and with appreciation for all those who’ve enjoyed this daily ritual

blessings on the day.