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Good morning from Cayuga Lake & geese & other animals.

It was raining a bit when I went outside to photograph the good morning view

& I could hear many geese calling

There was a large gaggle in the water

You can see them in the lower right corner…

Walking down to the water for a close look, I (sadly) scared away a small flock of what looked to be swans 

Deer scat passed by…

Receding ice on the western shore…

Clear water…

Geese in flight.

I wish I knew how to upload videos… There’s now about 8 short 15 second clips on my phone of the large honking wedges (or skeins, or teams – our English names for geese in a group in flight)

Easily thousands of geese

So beautiful…

Sorry, I just don’t know how to do that.

Here’s a photo of the bunny

Recently shorn, he usually has longer hair, as he’s an Angora rabbit.

And Luna, seemingly only content when I’ve sat down to become a throne

Aaaaand some tiny prints from yesterday before the rain arrived

I’ve only just learned that the Queen wasps will not return to their former nests after hibernating through the winter 

This large home hangs from the roof over the dock.

Wishing all beings safe journeys

Good morning from Cayuga Lake, signs of deer, & bewilderment.

Last night before bed, I was reading

& was struck by a particular passage

I was struck by how this gold that made the wasichus (white people) crazy seems no different from how people are making choices today

Earlier in the day
I saw an article about the George Washington National Forest

(I’m going to overlook the irony that it happens to be named after George Washington, because before he even took in his first breath on this continent, that forest was alive & well & had its own name)

I find myself bewildered.

Is there a ban on fracking?
Or will be fracking in this forest?
I need to read slower, each article.

And bewildered by the choices some of us humans make

This morning, again there were signs of deer browsing


Tracks & scat & urine


I have heard people bemoan the deer
Their appetite for greens & shrub tips

I too have grumbled as my kale was munched to a nub once when the electric deer fence wasn’t turned on one night

But they were here long before me

The beautiful wild animals without opposable thumbs were here long before

And this morning I remember the forecast of species loss – 50%

And I know
We can make different choices for our humanselves
Which will cause a more beneficial ripple into this/our world

As above, so below

I stand with Black Elk
“…but my people did not want the road. It would scare the bison & make them go away…”


Good morning from Cayuga Lake & possible deer bed.


I’m not sure, but a deeper impression in the snow
(Along with some telltale tracks)
Has me wondering if there is a deer bed near the house…

It’s sort of hard to tell the depth of the indentation in the photo

Here’s another photo with the still-fluffed-up snow

I like to think the deer are near
And finding a place to rest

It’s good to rest
Especially during this very cold & lean time

Sweet hoof print