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The Salted Banana???

i know.

it’s an odd name.  but the salted banana has been a sort of lifesaver.

during the very hot spell in July of this year, i managed to get myself into a heat-exhausted situation.  twice.


(this was from the first heat exhaustion day.  over 217 pounds of cabbages harvested.  droopy is sexy, no?)

both times were SO not fun.

both times were a bit nervous-making.

and a decision was made to stop farming.

maybe not forever, but maybe forever.

i don’t know, but for now, no farming.

this was sort of a blow to my ego and my identity.

what mostly immediately mattered though, was how to get through my days, that is, my work days, and stay hydrated and keep my electrolytes up without getting heat exhaustion again.

and so i began not only to drink volumes of coconut water (at the pressing suggestions from my family) but also to eat bananas (which i’m not a huge fan of – because they are so so so sweet) but i needed the potassium, AND the salt and (i’m sure you can see now where we are headed…)

the salted banana happened.

it was quite tasty.

and it seemed like a nice name

and while i always fantasized that i’d have my own farm one day, not just a rented 1/4 acre plot that i called Metta Kitty Farm, but a farm all my own, with a blog by the same name…

and perhaps there’ll be a side blog – but since there may be a bit of ranting, i figure it’s best to leave Metta out of that, and only for certain posts…

so here’s the beginning of the next chapter of this life moving through this thing called Marney, and the beginning of The Salted Banana.