Happy Anniversary.

That’s a Spring Beauty from a couple weeks ago.

It’s Spring Ephemeral season. That brief stretch when the forest floors have light and some warmth & these lovely beings emerge, bloom, fade, and sinense as the leaves in the high canopy unfurl and gather light from the Sun.

A woods walk was in order.

Miraculous, and thankfully perennial.

Spring Beauty and Blue Cohosh.

(Blue Cohosh sticks around for longer, but emerges with the others)

In an earlier stage of life, Blue Cohosh shows up a gorgeous deep dusty plum color, shifting to green.

(I wish my vocabulary for the various greens was extensive & specific… I’ll need to work on that.)

Hello, Hepatica.

Notice the three-lobed leaf from the previous season… Three lobes corresponding to the three lobes of the liver.

You can see this season’s leaves, fuzzy & unfolding in its time.

Dutchman’s Breeches.

Such adorable blossoms. They are nearly exclusively pollinated by bumblebees. 

Double (flying) Dutchman’s Breeches?… Anyone else play jacks as a child? My sister taught me how to play when I was 8 or 9 years old. Double Flying Dutchman was one of the most challenging levels.

(Thanks M!)


Only a few were blooming the day I went for this walk in Late April. Many were in bloom the following week (on a phone-less walk).

I just love this plum-green stage in the Blue Cohosh plant…

This is not Oni, my cat of 10 1/2 years. (He’s all spirit kitty now.)

Please say hello to Nemo. Who could be Oni’s distant cousin.

Fortunately I was able to be with Nemo for a stretch of time in March.

(Black kitties is da best.)

So today is my tenth year since returning to Ithaca, after four years away, with my cat, Oni.

Happy Anniversary!

11 & 1/2 years is the longest I’ve lived anywhere as an adult (if you count the time before I left…)

It’s my fourth season with Nook & Cranny Farm.

Spring shares just began this past Sunday, May 1st.

It caught me by surprise. I’m in my own little seeding & transplanting world most of the time I’m there.

For me, the season began in February, seeding Alliums.

Shallots, Onions, Leeks, Scallions.

And greens, after being transplanted into high tunnels, were harvested just days ago.

Infant spinach that now waits for me to sauté with last season’s garlic. Tonight, after work.

Another image from February. We tried a new method to keep track of the many Allium trays.

I don’t have an image of the trays in their current green stage, but they’ve began to be transplanted last week. Tonight they’ll complete the rest of the trays.

This method was too complicated, and spray painting edges of the trays will likely be next season’s method.

I hope to blog a bit more this season & dye paper again. It’s been a while.

We’ll see how things unfold.

Till then, happy anniversary day & wishing you all a joyous, long slow spring.

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small organic farmers are my heroes. has a deep appreciation for clean, running water. keeps a digging fork in the trunk of my car to move dead animals off the road. View all posts by Marneymae

15 responses to “Happy Anniversary.

  • MB

    Hi MG — I don’t even remember the flying dutchman or the double version! My jax skills are rusty. xoxo

  • sherry lieberman

    Wow MG, wishes of congratulations To you. All your beautiful photos, Felt like I was along for the walk. Nemo is a shiney beauty. Love u, mom 👏🏻😘❌❤️

    Sent from my iPhone


  • Minnesota Prairie Roots

    Welcome back to blogging, Marney, and happy anniversary!

    I enjoyed so much about this post, a catch-up on your life and on the season. I wish you would have been with me last evening as I walked through the woods at our local nature center wondering about identity of certain flowers.

    That photo of the black cat on the steps is just so darned cute and beautiful in its simplicity.

    You dye paper? Now that I want to learn more about.

    • Marneymae

      I would have gladly joined you on your walk! Perhaps at the local library there’s a wildflower guide for that area?
      Nemo is quite the lovely. She’s a stellar goalie, too. We had multiple daily playtime with a wadded up ball of paper.
      When I think back, I guess I’ve been dyeing paper since 1989, but more uniformly with locally found plants and 8 1/2 x 11 rag paper since 2001.
      It sometimes becomes a bound book, a friend uses some for a series of drawings, & I usually wind up writing letters on it.
      Again, we’ll see if a blog will come of it or not… Still early in the growing season, & I try to only harvest what is either in abundance (i.e. Goldenrod) or considered an invasive species, like purple loosestrife.
      Since I don’t have my own garden this year, I won’t be growing any of my own dye plants (sniff) like dyer’s coreopsis. I might splurge on sunflowers & zinnias at the farmers market when they arrive.
      Thanks for visiting.
      I’m glad you enjoyed the post.

  • smilecalm

    happy continuation
    to a wonderful
    blossoming expression
    of growing 🙂

  • Amy Whitney

    Happy anniversary!


  • candidkay

    I love that you eat what you grow. That you live so “in” and of the land. We could all use a bit more of that.

  • novegansallowed

    Wow, beautiful photos! Upstate New York is just beautiful. Wonderful blog, keep your thoughts coming!

  • Laila

    Happy Spring anniversary to you too! Also, that cat is sooooo cute (black cats are the cutest). xx

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