Good morning.


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2 responses to “Good morning.

  • Minnesota Prairie Roots

    Look at that change from nine days ago: no leaves and grey skies now.

    The weather here in southern Minnesota has been gloriously un-November-like. Sunny and warm. But the skies here are changing today, losing color and greying. Wind will kick in this afternoon accompanied by rain. As long as the snow stays away, I’m good.

    • Marneymae

      We’ve shared in that un-Novemberishness here in Ithaca… Sunshine & glorious.
      (Though I’ve never been to Seattle, I call it the Seattle of the East).
      But rain arrived yesterday, much needed rain, & it was glorious in its own way – steady rain through the whole day. It made the air smell so good!
      I hope that you will be able to find some goodness within the greying, & even once the snow begins to arrive.

      Always nice to read your words, thanks for your comment

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