Idea for sharing, considering riches, & what-if’s.

this mind

For better &/or for worse

Travels through each day with the often visiting phrase: 

what if…?

A dreamy mind.

For worse, 

it perpetuates fears & worry.

For better, 

it dreams ideas into the world.

And hopefully it’s not just a trap to avoid being present with what is.

This region has had what I would call “a real winter”

I’ve written before that I love winter.

This region is currently rich with snow.

Which is great, it acts as an insulator for plants, will replenish water tables, & is beautiful too.

Perhaps there is plenty to share.

This is a letter-drawing for my young friend who turns 3 in May.

He is bonkers for all things truck, tractor, motorcycle, & especially heavy machinery.

(He’s also a willing snow shoveler)

And the Southwest & California might be in need of some water.

If anyone is inspired to share this with engineers or people involved in the train/railway system, feel free.

(I already emailed it to the Mayor of Boston)

I’m not an economist, or anything like that, but if many people tended to railways, building & maintaining it, as well as the solar desalinization plants, not to mention all the humans who could person the backhoes & dump trucks, and many farmers & farm workers & so forth, that could add up to a lot of work for the benefit of many.

What if we shared the wealth?

About Marneymae

small organic farmers are my heroes. has a deep appreciation for clean, running water. keeps a digging fork in the trunk of my car to move dead animals off the road. View all posts by Marneymae

8 responses to “Idea for sharing, considering riches, & what-if’s.

  • smilecalm

    wonderful aspiration
    to share
    with each other 🙂

  • Minnesota Prairie Roots

    I am seriously in love with your letter drawing. Is this painted, penciled, what? You are seriously talented. This looks as if it could be an illustration for a children’s book. Please tell us more about this artsy side of you.

    I like “it dreams ideas into the world.” A lot.

    • Marneymae

      Thank you for such a generous comment, Audrey.
      I will try to step through the shyness that is around/surrounds the artwork-stuff.
      It’s pencil & watercolor & some colored pencil

      It’s a closet dream to write or illustrate children’s books

      • Minnesota Prairie Roots

        Then I say, emerge from that closet and pursue your dream. How much of this type of art have you done and have you exhibited anywhere? You should post about this dream and show us more of your art.

      • Marneymae

        Thank you for the encouragement, Audrey
        I haven’t done many “finished” drawings like this one
        Mostly sketches
        But perhaps it’s time to flesh them out
        And share them

        I’ve shown my artwork work once at a gallery here in Ithaca, in conjunction with a poet-friend… We collaborated back in 2008 & we showed the work in 2009 (which was in a chapbook)
        Some additional drawings were included (mostly to fill the space)
        I never had the intention to show the drawings included… They were all from a sketchbook I kept when I lived in the desert (2002-2006)

        Thanks again
        I will put the time in

        Deep bow to you

  • Minnesota Prairie Roots

    Your work deserves to be seen. That’s wonderful to read that you collaborated on a chapbook with your friend.

    • Marneymae

      Thank you again Audrey

      The word “deserve” is a funny word for me
      But I do appreciate your kind encouragement to put the work out into the world

      Thank you so

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