Habit mind, rabbit mind, beautiful day for a walk.

Remember this Ghost plant?
Aka: Indian pipe
Aka: Monotropa uniflora

Here’s what this lovely looks like these days

In its dramatic wintery outfit

Everything changes.

Was a beautiful day today

In the low 30s and sunny

Perfect day for a walk

Been thinking about habit mind
Or rabbit mind…
And mind managing
Mind tending

This rabbit mind has a wild imagination
As a child it heard voices downstairs that would call me halfway down the stairs in the night
Only then realizing there were no voices downstairs
But then I’d be stuck in the middle of the staircase
Too scared to go down or back up

This mind is not so different
Despite wishing it were different

With mind tending, gotta care for the mind we find
Work with what’s here

What was here was an ancient doll
At the housesitting house
Wild mind did as wild mind does
Goes wild
So, how to manage?

Whatever works.
Thank you, pillows.
(And saying a mantra whenever walking by the room at night)

Rabbit mind habit mind tracks get worn
Gotta work with what is here
With kindness

Acknowledging the aversion (wishing the mind were different, wishing I were different) & delusion (let’s not even contemplate the scary stories one could spin in the night about little miss creepy doll down the hall)

Like acknowledging the weather

Aversion & delusion akin to a wintery mix like ice & sleet

Drive slow
Be mindful
Acknowledge the hazards

And you’ll make it home



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small organic farmers are my heroes. has a deep appreciation for clean, running water. keeps a digging fork in the trunk of my car to move dead animals off the road. View all posts by Marneymae

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