Breath & 5 senses anchor.

Someone wise
Many years ago
Once told me
That it’s easier to fall down, than to get up.

It’s true, I’ve found it to be true.
Gravity always wins.

It takes effort to get up
It takes effort to focus the mind’s eye away from a habitual landing place

In the case of grief
In the case of loss
The quickest mind route is not unlike the tongue
Going over and over to the place where there was once a tooth

Someone wise
As an antidote
Told me to focus on what was present in my life

For me, this is an uphill practice
An effort full practice
This mind running habit stories
Wild mind
Unruly rabbit.

The habit has been to focus on what’s missing, the loss
Like that tongue, feeling feeling feeling into where there is no longer a tooth


There is much present
So much
There is a great richness in my life

And even when the grief feelings get overwhelming,
There is the breath
to focus upon, to ride like a wave, bringing me to the next and next and next moment

There is always something
Always something present
Always something to focus upon which lives in the realm of presence

Staying in the sense realms has been helpful
What is here?

Where are my feet?
Where is my bottom?

Very nitty-gritty
Very basic.

There is the breath.

It’s come to this
This is my anchor these days

Whatever works.

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