Black walnut dye, continued.

The first time I remember really seeing a Black Walnut tree was about 15 years ago when I lived in a basement apartment in Brooklyn.

There was a massive Black Walnut tree in the back yard, and the owner of the building –
(who lived upstairs and who was very fond of trees)
– told the story how their neighbor would complain that the Black Walnut tree should be cut down

(Insert incredulous, knitted eyebrow look here)

There was this complaint, because what the neighbor was unaware of, was that Black Walnut trees are exceptionally late to leaf out in Spring & quite early to drop leaves in Autumn…

Otherwise known as: misunderstanding.

This is at the farm where I’ve been tending a garden this past season

Most of the Black Walnut trees along the roadside had already dropped their walnut hulls

…in their Autumn & Winter finery

Here’s the paper after a three-day soak in the dye bath

It’s possible to do a second dye but I’m going to go ahead with the Hopi Black Dye Sunflower seeds next

So time to drain the paper

Let it set tipped over a bit

Then turn upside down onto a towel

Thump the bottom as needed


Only two sheets left in the dye basin to peel out, carefully

(The abundance of liquid pooling here shows me that I could have let it sit a bit longer to drain)

Again, with care so as not to tear the soggy sheets of paper, peel one by one off the stack and lay out onto a towel to dry

And after a day of drying…

A beautiful small stack ready for use


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