Good morning.


Good morning.

this is the view to the West.

this is the good morning view for a while.

it’s been a while

the computer wasn’t working

but i asked a friend if he’d come out to check out the computer

and he said


and so he did

and now, i’m back online.

i need people.

i do.

i rely on them

most of whom i don’t even know.

every time i sit down for breakfast

and contemplate everything i’m eating, or how i was able to prepare the food

was due to many many people, animals, forces of the world…

sun, rain, elementals

the farmers nearby who care well for their chickens and lo and behold i have a bright orange yolked egg

the bread baked by people nearby

who in the world made the stove?

someone made it

delivered it

mined the metals from this earth

it all comes from the earth

we are so reliant on this earth

and on each other.

for a long time, and even now still sometimes, often

the feeling of need stirs up some kind of reaction

but there is need

and today i’m actually grateful for it

can see the beauty in it and of it

this intricate web

that i cannot see

but have a sense of

blessing on you, your eyes your mind if you are reading this

blessing on you and your life


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small organic farmers are my heroes. has a deep appreciation for clean, running water. keeps a digging fork in the trunk of my car to move dead animals off the road. View all posts by Marneymae

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